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Sunset Engagement Photography Session with Sara and Abdiel in Orlando, Florida

a man and woman walk down a path with large cypress trees and Spanish moss covering them.
Sara and Abdiel - Kraft Azalea Gardens, Winter Park Florida

Orlando, Florida, is a city that offers endless opportunities for beautiful engagement photography sessions. With its stunning sunsets, vibrant landscapes, and endless sunshine, it is the perfect location for capturing romantic moments. This is exactly what Sara and Abdiel found when they decided to have their engagement photography session in the heart of Orlando.

The Couple

Sara and Abdiel are a young couple from the Orlando area. They share a love of travel, adventure, and nature, and their engagement session in Orlando reflected this. From the moment they arrived, they were filled with excitement and joy, and their enthusiasm was contagious.

Planning the Session

Prior to the engagement session, Sara and Abdiel spent a lot of time discussing their vision and what they wanted to capture in their photos. They wanted their photos to be romantic, natural, and to capture the essence of their relationship. They agreed that they wanted the photos to be taken at sunset, when the light is soft and the colors are warm and rich.

The Location: Lake Eola Park

The first location chosen for the engagement photography session was Lake Eola Park, a stunning public park in the heart of Orlando. Lake Eola Park is famous for its iconic fountain, beautiful gardens, and stunning sunsets, making it the perfect location for capturing the magic of Sara and Abdiel's love.

The Location: Kraft Azalea Gardens

In addition to Lake Eola Park, Sara and Abdiel also decided to have their engagement photos taken at Kraft Azalea Gardens. This beautiful park is located in Winter Park, Florida, and is known for its stunning azalea gardens, winding paths, and serene lakefront. Kraft Azalea Gardens is a popular location for engagement photography and wedding ceremonies, and it was the perfect location for capturing the romance of Sara and Abdiel's love.

The Shoot

As the sun began to set, Sara and Abdiel made their way to Lake Eola Park, hand in hand. The air was warm, the sky was a brilliant shade of orange, and the water was calm and still. The couple was surrounded by the beauty of nature, and their joy was palpable. They laughed, cuddled, and danced as I captured their love in every frame.

The Magic of Sunset

Sunset is the perfect time for engagement photography, and Sara and Abdiel's session was no exception. The warm light of the setting sun created a magical and romantic atmosphere that was captured in every photo. The soft, natural light was perfect for highlighting the couple's love and creating a warm, intimate feel in each photo.

Capturing the Romance

I tried to capture the couple's love in a variety of ways, from intimate moments to playful and fun interactions. Every photo tells a story. I was able to capture the couple's love in a way that was natural and effortless, and the results are stunning.


Sara and Abdiel's engagement photography session in Orlando was a success, capturing their love in a way that was romantic, natural, and effortless. The beautiful locations of Lake Eola Park and Kraft Azalea Gardens, combined with the stunning sunset, and the couple's joy and excitement made for an unforgettable experience. If you're looking for an engagement photographer in Orlando, contact me to capture the magic of your love!


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