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Hey hey! 
I'm Josh. and this is my story. 

12 years ago, I wasn't a wedding photographer. 
12 years ago, I was actually a wedding dj, and a nationally touring musician. I always had a passion for photography but was terrified to capture one. A wedding is a special day that takes the utmost detail to make sure you don't miss any special moment. After saying no multiple times, a friend begged me to shoot his wedding, so I did. This was when I got addicted to capturing special moments! 

Over the next decade I have focused on creating breathtaking wedding photography by thinking outside the box. I am constantly learning and furthering my education to make sure that every wedding I capture, has my full and best attention. 

I have learned so much, that now I am actually an educational instructor myself, speaking at conferences and teaching workshops nationwide! 

I'm not just the run of the mill photographer, I strive to know(and show) "the why" of every photo I take. I try to have as much fun as I can at every wedding. Often talking smack to the best man, goofing around and even sometimes, standing waste deep in freezing cold water to get the photo from an angle that not many are willing to get. 

I've created a successful wedding photography company over the last decade to give you that....feeling of relief that comes when you know you have a passionate photographer  doing everything he can to create your memories and capturing your LASTING LOVE. 

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