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Take the Stress out!

Planning your wedding is incredibly overwhelming. 

It's not something you've done before, and you just want everyone to have a great time.The scariest part is that there is no official right way to plan your wedding. 

Your photographer is one of the biggest parts of your wedding day. There are hundreds if not thousands in the area to choose from, and everyone is very different. Some are great, some are a bit old school, some have just started out (but you might not know that from their website), and some might not be showing photos they actually took on their website. Scary, but it's true.


We're an honest, hardworking team that believe the best photography, is candid, relaxed, beautiful, and efficient. We focus of taking every photo in a way that tells your story. We want you to get married because you want to get married, and not just for a photo shoot.

Adam and Tara.jpg

My goal is to deliver the story  of your wedding day with a few goals in mind - To be genuine, devoted to realism, and faithful to your personalities as individuals and as a couple. I document the openness you have with each other, your family and friends, and convey a visual message that resonates in your heart. 

I do not follow a checklist of pre-determined poses that reflect who I want you to be for the camera. You are not mannequins. You are living, breathing, energetic and vibrant beings. We work together to find genuine sincerity in every moment. I will direct you through the portrait session in a way that draws out your unique personality while also conveying an artful aesthetic.

Mentors and peers  describe my work as 'a mixture of high end fashion mixed with photo journelism' I like to manipulate light while capturing your special moments as they happen, creating a dramatic feel without compromising the feeling.

Little tidbits of knowledge about Josh:

  • Over 90% of his wedding days are entirely candid.

  • Married to the beautiful Casey Russell

  • Teaches his own photography class monthly in his studio in Kaukauna Wisconsin

  • Has a huge collection of Funko Pop collectables, over 400!

  • Left a VERY WELL paying job to start his own photography company.

  • Has a YouTube channel where he teaches photography tips and product reviews

  • Has photographed hundreds of weddings all over the United States in the last 10 years.

  • Has a family YouTube channel based around his families travels and adventures.

  • OBSESSED with Disney and all things Disney.

  • Was in a nationally touring hip hop group and has played shows in front of thousands.

  • Has been published on TheKnot,, and Destination Wisconsin Weddings.

  • Dad to 4 amazing children, Keegan, Dominic, Bailey and Parker

  • Loves Florida, the beach, and everything that goes with Florida, did I mention Disney?

  • Affiliate partner to Amazon, Camera Casino, Bound By Blood, and Hometown Hoodies

  • Completely self taught photography with no formal school and no professional training.

Shoot me a message and let's chat!

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