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Sabine & Tyler

The Bog | Saukville Wisconsin


Wedding Day

Sabine and Tylers wedding took place at The Bog Golf Course in Saukville, Wisconsin.

I was honored to help our business partner Casey Nelson from Casey Nelson Media with this wedding. Whenever we book a Photo+Video Collection, Casey is our "go-to guy", and likewise when he books a photo and video package.


We arrived at the Bog to find our beautiful bride calmly finishing up minor details and sitting quietly in a small meeting room. Due to Covid-19, her sister was unable to attend as she is required to stay on base for her military requires it. So in place, a life-size cutout stands in the corner of the room. I asked Sabine if she was nervous and without hesitation, she stated "no way, I'm ready". 

The groom, just one room away from our bride, was just as eager to get the formalities out of the way and begin his life with his new bride. I snapped a few getting ready shots of him and the boys as they sat in the golf course locker room. Tyler has an absolutely amazing smile that transferred to anybody he was around. You just couldn't help but smile whenever he was smiling. 

It was a bright and sunny day on the golf course(my personal favorite way to shoot). This allowed me to capture their wedding in a very "earthy tone". Which is what they preferred. Typically I am a bright and vibrant type of guy, but recently I've found myself wandering over to the moody side of things. This wedding was the perfect blend of both! 

During formals, we were taken on a tour of the entire golf course with free reign of wherever we'd like to shoot. With the assistance of Casey and Jeff(his assistant), we all chose some amazing spots around the course, including an old barn that was the perfect backdrop for some moody Wisconsin photos! Just as we turned the corner on the 18th hole, (which might I add, was designed by Arnold Palmer for all you golf nuts like myself). We came up to the most amazing willow tree I've ever seen, and even better yet, it was "golden hour" so I was able to capture the sun poking through the vines and create some epic sun flare photography.

Finally, as the night fell upon the wedding, the DJ was playing all of the hits, we decided to sneak out once again to enjoy some photo and video time. This time Casey and I decided to set up under an empty patio filled with bistro lights. The perfect way to capture the first dance but make it more about the couple. 

Overall this Wisconsin Summer wedding was the perfect way to close out the warm weather and get ready for fall weddings. Thanks again to Casey Nelson for allowing me to be his photographer for this love story at The Bog! 

Album Design

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