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Episode 4 - The second shooter w/ Daryl Wilkerson Jr.

In the world of wedding photography, being a second photographer is crucial for both the primary photographer and the couple getting married. On "The Lasting Love Podcast," Daryl Wilkerson Jr. emphasizes the importance of gaining experience as a second photographer before taking on weddings solo.

"As a second photographer, you have the opportunity to learn from the primary photographer and gain valuable experience in a less pressure-filled environment," says Wilkerson. "You can observe and assist with different posing techniques, lighting setups, and overall workflow."

Not only does being a second photographer provide valuable experience, but it also allows for the creation of a diverse set of images for the couple. "The primary photographer can focus on capturing the main events and emotional moments while the second photographer can capture candid shots and different angles," explains Wilkerson. "This creates a well-rounded collection of images for the couple to treasure for years to come."

Furthermore, having a second photographer on hand can also provide peace of mind for the primary photographer and the couple. "A second photographer can step in to capture moments if the primary photographer is occupied or to take over if something unexpected happens," says Wilkerson.


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